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You can buy and experience high quality reasonably at IR【IRで高品質をリーズナブルに購入・体験できる】


We can enjoy luxury service reasonably


One of the merits of IR (Integrated Resorts) is that it can reasonably use facilities besides casinos and purchase products.

IR(Integrated Resorts)のメリットのひとつとして、カジノ以外に併設する施設をリーズナブルに利用したり、商品購入できることが挙げられる。

Among the IR facilities as a whole, the casino area is less than 5% in terms of area, but earning more than 80% in sales.


Revenue cycle of IR


・Attracting customers throughout the facility.


・Monetize casinos intensively.

・カジノが集中的に収益化 → マネタイズ

・"Improvement of quality" "Low price" will enhance customer attractiveness at other facilities.


Because there is a strong revenue department called a casino, more than 95% of the facilities other than casinos will develop the best service, expand attracting customers, without taking care of the balance more than necessary, at a sufficient cost. facilities other can concentrate only on that.


This revenue cycle is similar to the revitalization of communities by "public gambling" such as horse races and bicycle races in Japan.


IR users enjoy enjoying casinos, as well as being able to enjoy reasonable and high quality services at the facility.



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-IR Knowledge

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