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Where will IR of Japan be constructed ?【日本IRの認定区域はどこになる?】

2018/08/09   -IR Knowledge

A fierce battle over three chairs. 3つの椅子を巡る熾烈な争い A comprehensive type resort facility (IR) implement ...

Increasing employment due to construction of IR facilities【IR施設建設により増大する雇用】

2018/08/03   -IR Knowledge

One hundred thousand employees can be expected with one IR IRひとつで10万人規模の雇用が見込める Increasing employmen ...

You can buy and experience high quality reasonably at IR【IRで高品質をリーズナブルに購入・体験できる】

2018/08/02   -IR Knowledge

We can enjoy luxury service reasonably 高級サービスをリーズナブルに楽しめる One of the merits of IR (Integrated Resort ...

What is IR Comprehensive Resort?【IR・総合型リゾートとは?】

2018/08/01   -IR Knowledge

Concept of IR comprehensive resort IR総合型リゾートの概念 The IR (Integrated Resort) is a complex facility tha ...

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