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Increasing employment due to construction of IR facilities【IR施設建設により増大する雇用】


One hundred thousand employees can be expected with one IR


Increasing employment "can also be mentioned as an advantage of constructing IR.


According to a report summarizing the economic effects of the large IR that Osaka Prefecture aims to attract, it is estimated that 97 thousand people are needed by the start of business, and 70 thousand employees are required each year for operation after opening.


For reference, "City Center", one of the IR facilities in Las Vegas, is about 5 times the universal studio Japan, which has an area of about 270,000 square meters, about 12,000 employees work per year ing.


Also, new industries in Japan will be born. Many service industries including casino business managers and dealers will be born in Japan.


A theater is indispensable to IR, and the foot of show business in Japan is expanded to a great extent.


Thus, the abundance of new business segments is one of the charms of the IR business.



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