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Number of students in Japanese casino school is increasing rapidly【カジノスクール生徒急増】


The number of pupils at casino school sharply increased with the establishment of IR bill


"Japanese Casino School" with school buildings in Tokyo and Osaka prefecture received a celebration with the establishment of the IR bill.


The Japanese casino school, which opened in anticipation of the IR bill since 2004, has produced approximately 700 graduates to date. Some of the graduates work at overseas casinos.


After the "IR legislation passed" on July 20, the Japanese casino school is said to be flooded with applicants who wish to enter.


"I want to work in a casino built in Japan."


"I think that we can make a new casino by modeling overseas success examples, because it is a backward country in the casino"


"I can go one step ahead of people"


And students' voices are various.


Also, Japanese casino dealers have excellent customer service. So, overseas casinos are increasingly hiring Japanese casino dealers.


The day when the occupation "casino dealer" will settle in Japan will not be far.





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