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Osaka "Yumeshima"IR Invitation Pursue opening in 2024【大阪「夢洲」IR誘致2024年開業を目指す】


Aim for opening in 2024 in accordance with World Expo


July 21, 2018. Osaka prefecture received approval of the IR implementation law and started full-scale investment in IR to the prefecture that had been promoting from before.


Osaka Prefecture aims to attract IR to artificial island in Osaka bay "Yumeshima".


Osaka held the International Expo in 2025, and set the target of opening the business in 2024 which was the previous year.


In addition, JR West japan, a railroad company, is considering extending the Sakurajima line, a conventional line, to Yumeshima which is a candidate site for the venue for the invitation of the IR and Expo.


There is an international airport called "Kansai International Airport" in Osaka Prefecture, which is very good for visiting casino resorts from abroad.


Already in Osaka Prefecture many foreign tourists visit "The Dotonbori" where restaurants and shops line up, centering on the theme park "Universal Studios Japan". Osaka prefecture can expect a huge economic effect after IR opening.




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