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What is IR Comprehensive Resort?【IR・総合型リゾートとは?】


Concept of IR comprehensive resort


The IR (Integrated Resort) is a complex facility that includes hotels, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, amusement facilities, exhibition facilities, international conference halls, sports facilities, shopping malls, as well as casinos.

IR(Integrated Resort)とは、カジノのほか、ホテル、レストラン、映画館、劇場、アミューズメント施設、展示施設、国際会議場、スポーツ施設、ショッピングモールなどが集まった、複合的な施設のこと。

Based on the application of the local government, it will be established by designating the area where the casino can be installed.


In Japan, IR is generally considered as "a huge gambling facility", but proportionally the casino in the facility will be small scale.


Basically, if less than 5% of the facility area is used as a casino facility, it will be approved as an IR facility.



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